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Seller Protection Policy Overview

Seller Protection Policy covers most sellers for up to $5'000.00 USD on any transaction PayPal deems fraudulent. For complete information, go to the Seller Protection Policy.

In order to qualify, the following is required:

Seller has a Verified Business or Premier account.

The seller’s account must be attached to a bank account that is confirmed through PayPal’s Verification process. When you are a Verified seller, not only are you more protected, but you also increase your credibility and appeal with buyers. Verifying your seller account is free and easy to do. Learn more about Verification

Item is shipped to an eligible address.

For your transaction to qualify, you must ship the item to an eligible address. PayPal is continually working to increase the number of eligible buyer addresses. To determine shipping address eligibility, refer to the shipping address area of your Transaction Details page.

Item is a tangible good.

Only physical goods are covered by the Seller Protection Policy. Intangible goods, such as services or items delivered electronically (e.g., software, MP3s, eBooks), are not covered.

Proof of delivery.

To file a claim under the Seller Protection Policy, we’ll need a copy of the shipment record. Always retain proof that the item was delivered to the address on the Transaction Details page. Acceptable proof of delivery varies by country. Please refer to the Seller Protection Policy for details.

Signature receipt for valuable items.

For items with a value of $250.00 USD or more, in addition to proof of delivery, you must provide proof of signature from the recipient. This proves that the item was delivered to the buyer. Many carrier companies offer these proof of delivery services.

Item sent in a timely manner.

To be covered, the item must be shipped within 7 days of receiving payment.

A special note regarding international shipping.

Currently not all countries and regions are covered by the Seller Protection Policy. Please visit the Seller Protection Policy page to learn more.

Further information.

Please review the Seller Protection Policy for complete details.

Additional resources for sellers.

To learn more about Selling Safely, go to:

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