The PayPal Buyer Protection

PayPal covers your purchases - up to an unlimited amount. Should a problem with a purchase arise, we support you in finding a resolution with the seller.

The PayPal Buyer Protection applies in these two cases:

  • The seller has not shipped the item.
  • The item is significantly not as described.

You have 45 days from the day of payment to report an issue with PayPal. In case your application for PayPal Buyer Protection is successful, we will refund the transaction amount including shipping cost.

Your support is vital: To review your complaint we rely on you to provide information. Please support us by providing any information as detailed as possible. Insufficient information may lead to a closure of the case without any refund.

Most important PayPal Buyer Protection prerequisites

The item you purchased is automatically covered by PayPal Buyer Protection up to an unlimited amount if the following prerequisites are being met:

  • The item was paid for with PayPal.
  • The purchased item is a physical item that can be shipped - excluding vehicles. Services and intangible goods (e.g. cooking recipes sent by email or eBooks) are not covered.

You will find detailed information on the PayPal buyer protection in our PayPal buyer protection guideline.

Further information on PayPal buyer protection

  • If you pay with PayPal on another eBay website than, the buyer protection of the respective country will apply.
  • Here you find a step by step explanation of how to file a claim for buyer protection.