"PayPal is easier and more secure than sending a check or money order, and there's a third party to help ensure I'm not taken advantage of. I use PayPal to make as many payments as I can, from products from online retailers to paying my ISP's hosting fees. It's the security and ease-of-use that are key."

--Brandon Cruz
PayPal buyer
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Safe When Buying.
 PayPal offers extra protection for your eBay purchases.

Your eBay purchases are protected up to an unlimited amount when you pay with PayPal – and this free-of-charge. Learn more.

Upfront Safety.
 Our experts actively protect you from fraud.

Not only does PayPal use leading technology, it also has a team of experts who protect you. This way fraud does not have a chance. Learn more.
Stay Triple Safe with PayPal
For tips on how to stay secure, and more information on how we protect you, visit our PayPal Security Center now.

Safe When Paying.
Your bank and credit card information is always safe with us.

With PayPal you never have to share your bank account or credit card information with others. Learn more.