PayPal and eBay - trading professionally

Using PayPal, you shop and sell more safely on eBay. Whenever any discrepancies arise regarding the item purchased, shipping or payment, buyer and seller should get in touch to resolve any dissent. In case no agreement can be found, PayPal will investigate the case.

However, we recommend that both buyer and seller try to avoid any disputes as early as possible.

For buyers - more security when trading online

Should ever arise any discrepancies with an eBay transaction, we recommend that you directly contact the seller. Open communication can help to resolve most issues amicably. The PayPal Buyer Protection comes into play if an item you have already paid for is not being delivered, or if an item differs significantly from its description. These are prerequisites which must be met:
  • The item was bought on eBay and paid for with PayPal.
  • The item purchased is a physical item, which can be shipped - excluding vehicles, such as automobiles, motorcycles, boats and aircrafts. Services and immaterial goods (e.g. recipes sent by email or eBooks) are not covered.

You have 180 days from the day of payment to report an issue with PayPal. In case your application for PayPal Buyer Protection is successful, we will refund the transaction amount including shipping cost.

Please take note of the additional requirements of the PayPal Buyer Protection:
  • Only one claim may be filed for each PayPal payment.
  • Just being generally disappointed about an item purchased does not suffice to file a claim.
  • An item lost during shipping is not covered by PayPal's Buyer Protection program. PayPal will not refund any amounts, if the seller can prove with a qualifying receipt that the goods have actually been shipped.
  • Your support is vital: When investigating a case we may ask you for more information. You can contribute by providing the requested information as detailed as possible. In case of insufficient details we may close the case without granting any refund.

All specific details can be viewed in the PayPal Buyer Protection policy.

For sellers - transparency in payment transactions

At the same time, this program protects buyers under certain circumstances from fraudulent auctions and sellers from unjustified claims. The security offered by PayPal's Buyer Protection program strengthens the buyers' confidence in your auctions. In case a claim is filed after all, PayPal will investigate the transaction in question and try to find an amicable resolution for all.

All specific details can be viewed in the PayPal Seller Protection policy.

Avoiding disputes at the very beginning/Protecting yourself from claims

If you are a seller please take note of the following hints, claims can be avoided from the very beginning and any disputes - in case there will be any - may be settled straightaway.
  • Use a shipping company that offers a tracking service for your shipments/deliveries. For example an online tracking number can show that your goods have actually been sent/delivered to the address provided by the recipient.
  • Be as precise and honest as possible when describing your goods in the item description.
  • If possible, illustrate your offer with original photographs. The buyer will know exactly what to expect.
  • In case of a dispute, provide information as ample and detailed as possible to PayPal. If the information requested is not provided completely, a refund to the buyer may be granted.

You will need to log into your PayPal account before you can file a claim.