PayPal Helps Keep You Safe

Our comprehensive fraud-prevention program is one of the key reasons PayPal is a safe way to pay online.

We monitor transactions 24/7.

We believe that innovation and careful analysis is the way to beat fraud. That’s why PayPal has developed industry-leading models to review every transaction—and help detect suspicious activity.
Experts work behind the scenes to help protect you.

We have a team of agents worldwide who work to help shield you from fraud and identity theft.
  • If we suspect fraud in your account, we’ll contact you immediately

  • We work with authorities to shut down fraudulent websites
PayPal's Fraud Investigation Team stops criminals.

Our Fraud Investigation Team is dedicated to creating a safe PayPal community. Our team includes former law enforcement officials who:
  • Identify and help prevent fraud before it occurs

  • Work with law enforcement around the world to help stop online criminals
Recently, PayPal’s Fraud Investigation Team:

Helped apprehend an identity thief

Worked to arrest someone who didn't deliver goods

Caught a criminal who sent fraudulent emails

Our dedicated fraud teams, in combination with our advanced technology, help ensure your PayPal account remains safe.