What is the relationship between eBay and PayPal?

What is the relationship between eBay and PayPal?
On October 3, 2002 eBay acquired PayPal. eBay and PayPal are now working together for a common goal: to help buyers and sellers trade online.

Today on eBay, PayPal is the only online payment service integrated with the eBay platform. That means when a seller selects PayPal on the eBay Sell Your Item form or any eBay listing tool, the PayPal logo will automatically appear on the View Item Page. Plus, buyers can easily pay using the PayPal Pay Now button in a closed eBay View Item page, End of Auction email, or My eBay.

Your privacy is very important to both eBay and PayPal. Your information may be exchanged between eBay and PayPal only in accordance with each company's respective Privacy Policy. Should there be any changes to either site's Privacy Policy, you will receive advance notice of the changes.

Though there is a strong relationship between eBay and PayPal, eBay is not the only place you can use PayPal. Millions of merchant websites worldwide accept PayPal as a payment method. In fact, many eBay sellers prefer PayPal on their off-eBay websites.

Shop Using PayPal On and Off eBay
  • PayPal is accepted by merchants worldwide, and is the preferred method of payment on eBay.com

  • Whether you purchase on eBay or another website, PayPal provides secure, private transactions

  • With PayPal, you choose to fund your purchase with a credit card, bank account, or other sources

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