Manage multiple lines of business using multiple emails

PayPal makes it easy for sellers who use different brand names to manage multiple lines of business. For example, a seller who sells a line of expensive jewelry under the name "JoAnne's Gems & Jewels" may also sell a line of second hand clothing under the name "Eric's Eccentric Closet." Using PayPal, it's easy to receive payment notifications and manage orders by using a different email address for the two lines of business.

A single PayPal account may have up to 8 email addresses, and you can use any or your Confirmed email addresses to send automated PayPal Auction Money Requests or receive PayPal payments. Here's How:

If you sell from a website:
When you set up your PayPal Payment Button (PayPal Shopping Cart, Buy Now, or Subscriptions and Recurring Payments), click the Add More Options button. Under the 'Choose an email address to receive payment' title, select one of your Confirmed email addresses from the drop-down menu. Every time you receive a payment, the notification will be sent to this email address.

If you are editing your PayPal Payment Button code by hand, you can change the email address by changing the "business" name in the code. Just make sure that the email address you add has already been confirmed with your PayPal account.

If you sell on an auction:
You can sign up to customize the End of Auction email that eBay automatically sends your winning buyers when your listing ends successfully.

Tracking payments
PayPal also makes it easy to keep track of the payments sent to each email address you maintain. Just go to the History subtab and choose 'To [your email here] from the 'Show' drop-down menu. Choose the time period and click Submit, and your payments are automatically sorted.

Remember, you can always add and confirm a new email address to your account by going to the Profile subtab and clicking on the 'Email' link in the "Account Information" column.