PayPal is a fast, easy way to send money.

Why use PayPal to send money to students? Simple. Because when students need money, they need it fast-and parents need to know that their money is going to get where it needs to go securely. Plus it’s free to send to friends or family in Canada from your bank account or PayPal balance. Download the app to send money on the go from anywhere, anytime.

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Send money to students at the speed of need.
You don’t have to be there with them, to be there for them. PayPal is a fast way to send money, making sure your student is never without the essentials.

Not just fast. Safe.
Send money to students for food, books or other essentials without giving out your full credit card or bank account numbers.

Pay the way you want.
Linking multiple accounts—like your bank account, credit cards or debit card—makes it simple to choose how you want to send money.

Make home feel a little closer.
Life’s not always about the essentials. Send a gift of encouragement or some pizza money to fuel those late-night study sessions.

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Need extra money? Ask your parents to use PayPal.
And get it in your email. The money goes right into your PayPal account, or you can sign up for one for free. Plus, they’ll thank you for not making them get up and write a cheque.

Get what you need quickly.
You shouldn’t have to wait for food, books or supplies. Ask in an instant and get what you need just as fast.

No matter where you are, there we are.
Whether you’re studying across town, across the country or even abroad, PayPal keeps you close to home.

Do more with your money.
Buy what you need or pay your roommate back for that time you forgot your wallet. You don’t even need a bank account or credit card to get started.

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PayPal.Me is your link to getting paid back.

Need to get paid back? Send friends or family your personal PayPal.Me link wherever you talk to them - text, email, or post. They click the link and enter the amount - no cash, no cheques, no awkwardness.

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