Don't let money come between pals. Sending money P2P with PayPal is the simpler and easier way to pay back your friends and family in Canada.

Send money in a few clicks:

This is to friends or family

Free for both of you when sent domestically in CAD,
and funded with your PayPal balance or bank account.

Friends or family

This is for a good or service

Free for you. The seller pays a small fee to process the payment.
You’re also covered by our Purchase Protection.

Goods or services

Send money without spending money.

Pay your friends, not your bank.

Unlike the old ways of sending money through your bank, PayPal doesn't charge you to send money to friends and family in Canada from your bank account. Of course, it's also free to send money from your PayPal balance too.

Sending money is as easy as sending an email or text.

And it doesn't matter if the recipient doesn't have PayPal yet, they'll receive instructions on how to sign up for an account so they can get their money quickly.

Forget your wallet.

Sending money with PayPal means you don't need to carry large amounts of cash just to square up for concert tickets, sporting events, or whatever else you owe a friend for.

Money should move at the speed of life.

  • Sending MoneyThrough the app/website to an email or phone number.
  • Receiving MoneyAutomatically received into PayPal wallet.
  • Cost to SendFree in Canada from bank account or PayPal balance.
  • Funding SourcesBank, balance, or credit card.
  • Sending InternationallyMultiple markets; multiple currencies.
  • Pals Payback Pals.

    Pay back your friends while on the go with the PayPal app.

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