Suspicious Activity on Your PayPal Canada Account? We Can Help

Dealing with Suspicious Activity

Dealing with Suspicious Activity

Deal with Suspicious Activity

Should I trust that email?

An email from PayPal will: Address you by your first and last name or your business name

An email from PayPal won't: Ask you for sensitive information like your password, bank account, or credit card


Is That Email Really from PayPal?

Identifying offenders and keeping your account fraud-free.


You may have received an email falsely claiming to be from PayPal or another known entity. This is called "phishing" because the sender is "fishing" for your personal information. The goal is to trick you into clicking through to a fake or "spoof" website, or into calling a fraudulent customer service number where they can collect and steal your sensitive personal or financial information.

If you have opened a phishing email but have not clicked on any links, you shouldn't have anything to fear. If you have clicked on a link, or you have downloaded an attachment, read our Identity Protection Guide to learn what to do next.

It's also important to report the phishing email or spoof site as soon as possible in order to protect yourself-and to help your fellow members in the PayPal community.

Email Authentication

We're constantly working to prevent phishing emails from reaching your inbox in the first place-and to make sure all legitimate PayPal emails actually get through.

We do this with proprietary technology that authenticates our outgoing emails, making it easy for participating email providers like MSN Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and Gmail to confirm that a message is legitimate. And it all happens behind the scenes.

Want to know more about email authentication? Check out our FAQs page.

Unauthorized Account Activity

If you think someone has used your account without permission, report it to PayPal immediately and we'll help protect you as much as possible.

How to Report It

Did you find a suspicious charge, an error, or some other unauthorized transaction in your account? Report it within 60 days of when it appeared in your account history statement and PayPal will protect you with $0 Liability for Eligible Unauthorized Transactions.

Report a Problem - Unauthorized Transaction

Before notifying us, please review the transaction to be sure that it is not a purchase or other transaction you made that you may have forgotten about, like a recurring payment for a magazine subscription.

You can notify us in the following ways:

For any type of unauthorized transaction or error, you can call PayPal Customer Service at (402) 935-7733.

You can also notify us in writing or online by following the instructions below:

  • Use the form available in the PayPal Resolution Centre to file an unauthorized transaction report

    Unauthorized Transaction

  • Or
  • Write to PayPal, Attn: Error Resolution Department, P.O. Box 45950, Omaha, NE 68145-0950, United States.

Debit Card

Once your claim has been filed, we will investigate and do our best to resolve the issue. Any transaction found to be in error or unauthorized will be refunded.

Please be aware that we will notify any other parties involved in the transaction in order to help us investigate and resolve your claim.

My Account Has Been Limited

If we suspect fraudulent activity in your PayPal account, to protect you we may temporarily suspend your account to prevent any additional unauthorized activity. If this happens, you'll receive an email notification.

To get your account back up and running, here's what you'll need to do:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Go to the Resolution Centre and click on Steps to Remove Limitation.

Remove Limitation

If you've completed the suggested steps and your account is still limited, we may need more information, in which case we'll send you an email request. Otherwise, please be patient and expect an update within three business days.