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The Seller Didn’t Receive Payment

Every now and then a payment is sent but fails to arrive in the seller’s account. This is an easy fix, and usually happens for the following reasons:

  • The buyer didn’t enter the seller’s email address correctly. Take a quick look at your order so you’re sure you got it right.

  • The seller didn’t confirm their email address during the PayPal registration process. Ask them to confirm it and the missing payment should appear in their account.

  • The email address you used to send your payment is not linked to the seller’s PayPal account. If they link this new email address to their account and confirm it, your payment should be received successfully.

The order never arrived

If the item you ordered never arrived, and the seller can’t provide the required proof shipment or delivery, you may be eligible for a full refund. Whether you made your purchase on eBay or on another site that accepts PayPal, you can open a dispute to get the process started.