Return Shipping on Us Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee for the Return Shipping on Us service from PayPal?

No, there is no fee for this service.

How do I become eligible for the service?

You must activate the service and pay for your online purchase using a Canadian PayPal account as of April 14, 2015.

Why would I be interested in the Return Shipping on Us service?

This no-fee service is good for people that want to shop online without having to worry about the burden of their return shipping costs. Also, it is good for situations when you need to return online purchases that aren't quite right.

Does the service include purchases made with international merchants?

Yes, with the Return Shipping on Us service you can make claims for PayPal purchases made online worldwide.

How does the Return Shipping on Us service work?

  • Once you've activated the service at the Return Shipping on Us website:
  • Shop online using PayPal
  • Return your purchases directly to the merchant
  • If you incur return shipping costs make a claim for a refund

Does the Return Shipping on Us service also help me return my item (s) back to the seller or merchant?

No, you are required to send your return items back to the seller or merchant directly. When making a return, each seller or merchant's return policy can be different, so we recommend you read the return policy closely and follow the appropriate steps to return your item. If you incur return shipping costs with your PayPal purchase, you can make a claim for a refund of your return shipping costs with us.

How do I make a claim?

Login to Your PayPal account, select the purchase you returned and click on “request return shipping refund”. Submit the return shipping refund request form, along with proof of your return within thirty (30) days of when you returned the item (that’s the max!). If your claim is approved, your refund will appear in your PayPal account in approximately ten (10) days.

What information do I need to provide with a Return Shipping on Us refund request?

Please review the refund request claim form carefully and complete all fields when you submit a refund request. In addition to the completed refund request claim form, which you will find in your PayPal Account Activity, you will need to provide evidence of the return shipping costs you have incurred, as follows:

  • Details of your return including date shipped, cost to ship, reason for return and items returned.
  • Proof of your return including the following documents:
    • If you paid the return shipping costs to the post office or a courier service, you must provide:
      • The receipt from the post office or courier service; and
      • Proof that the purchased item was returned to the seller. If this information is not included on the original return shipping receipt, please provide a photo of the return package with the seller’s address visible.
    • If the return shipping costs were deducted from the purchase refund of your item, you must provide:
      • Proof showing the initial price of the item returned; and
      • Proof showing the amount of the refund (e.g., the email message that acknowledges receipt of the return, or the PayPal email confirming the refund of Your item).

Copies or a scanned version of the original documents are acceptable only if the required information is clearly legible. Pictures are acceptable. In all cases, please be sure to keep the original documents, since you may be asked to provide them during the process of verification of your refund request if the copies provided are not legible.

How much time do I have to make a claim?

You have thirty (30) calendar days to submit the refund claim from the date the item is returned to the seller or merchant.

How will I know if my refund request is approved?

You will be kept informed at every stage of the processing of your request by email:

  • Confirmation of receipt of the refund request: the next business day after you submit your online request
  • Notice of approval or rejection of the refund request: five (5) business days from the receipt of the complete file
  • Notice of any additional documentation: within five (5) days from the day you submit your request and you will then have fourteen (14) calendar days to provide missing documentation;
  • Refund: five (5) business days from notice of approval of your refund request.

Who should consumers contact for any question about the Return Shipping on Us service?

For any questions about the Return Shipping on Us service, consumers can send an email to

Is there a maximum refund request I can make for return shipping costs I've incurred?

Yes. There is a cap per refund request of $30 CAD.

Is there a maximum number of return shipping refund claims I can make?

You are eligible to receive up to twelve (12) refunds in a given calendar year (e.g. the year ending December 31, 2017), and can receive up to $30 CAD per return. All refund requests must be filed during the duration of the service.

Three (3) refunds are allowed per PayPal transaction ID. If you return several items from the same transaction at three different times, that will be considered as three returns, which will be subject to the applicable refund cap.

Can I also claim other costs I incur from shipping like handling fees or duties?

No, Return Shipping on Us provides refunds on return shipping costs only.

What happens if I forget to keep or lose my postage receipt, can I still make a claim?

Yes, you can provide a copy of your credit or bank statement showing the transaction corresponding to the return shipping costs (if using a bank or credit card statement, please redact (mask) everything except your name, the last 4 digits of the account, and the line item for the relevant charge).

I've activated the Return Shipping on Us service and would now like to opt out of the service as I am not interested in participating. How do I opt out?

Return Shipping on Us is a no-fee service. If you would like to opt out, simply email your request to