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One powerful integration enables millions of shoppers to check out quickly, easily, and securely, across devices and around the world, without ever leaving your site.

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When you integrate PayPal Checkout onto your site, your customers can check out in just a few
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2.9% + $0.30* per Canadian transaction
PayPal Checkout can be integrated with most major shopping carts. Plus, you only begin paying when you start receiving payments.

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PayPal also offers solutions for credit card processing. Give us a call to find out about card processing: 1-866-357-0135, Monday through Friday, 8AM-6PM Central Time. If you don’t currently accept credit cards online or aren’t happy with your credit card processing service, Payments Pro enables you to accept more payment types anywhere, however you do business.

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Our Developer Centre is full of useful information about our APIs, platform compatibility, set-up guides and other technical questions.

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