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PayPal isn't just online. Now with PayPal you can also pay with your phone on popular apps and mobile websites. Making mobile payments doesn't get simpler.

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Whether you’re shopping or sending money, choose the easy way to pay on the go.

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You can pay with PayPal on thousands of iOS and Andriod apps. Look for us the next time you're buying something in an app or on thousands of mobile websites.

Keep earning loyalty points

With PayPal, you choose how you pay - with your bank account, credit card, Visa Debit card, or PayPal balance. And you’ll still earn your credit card rewards.

Get paid back, without the fuss

Collecting money from friends and family is easier than ever. Just send them your personal PayPal.Me link. They click the link and enter the amount - no cash, no cheques, no awkwardness… and no fees.

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