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PayPal helps you manage your money and securely shop on millions of sites all over the world. Use PayPal to donate or collect donations. Choose from thousands of charities and we'll cover all transaction fees so 100% of your gift will reach the charity you support.With PayPal you can also pay a friend or get paid back almost instantly. If your friend doesn’t have a PayPal account, they can open one quickly. Another thing you might not know about PayPal is that you can set up Starbucks, Netflix, Uber, Spotify, Google Play and many other recurring payments with PayPal and make the payments easy and trackable, so when you change your credit card you can only edit it in PayPal instead of changing it in 20 places.There are many PayPal options for managing your funds online with a peace of mind. From your desktop or on your phone, use PayPal and pay with confidence.