What is a temporary hold by PayPal?

When a temporary hold is placed on a payment, the funds are not available to the sender or the recipient. There are several different reasons why a payment may be held.

  •  Sometimes we need to confirm the source of the funds for the payment to make sure that the funds in question are legitimate. This is done for the security of buyers and sellers. Once the payment has been reviewed and is found to be legitimate, the temporary hold will be released.
  • If it is a payment for something that you sold on eBay that is being held, search the Help Center to find out more about eBay payment holds.
  • If a dispute or claim has been filed on the payment, the funds will be held until a decision has been made.
  • If you have money in your PayPal account at the time you authorize a payment to a merchant, we temporarily hold that money until the merchant processes your payment. When the merchant cancels your payment or lets your authorization expire, we'll remove the hold.