What is Buyer Abuse?

PayPal takes action against buyers with a history of abusing our policies. This includes buyers who may be filing dishonest or excessive disputes, claims, chargebacks, or bank transfer returns.

We offer buyers purchase protection for the following:

  • Unauthorized account access and use
  • Items not received from the seller
  • Items significantly not as described

However, our purchase protection does not currently cover buyer remorse or issues not listed above that buyers may experience with their purchases.

If you suspect that you are being targeted by a buyer while the case is open, please send us as much information as possible about any related transactions and why you think the buyer may be at fault.

If the case has already been closed, you can appeal the decision on your claim and specifically reference “buyer abuse” as the reason for the appeal.

In both of these cases, we recommend you provide more objective evidence of abuse. While we cannot promise action based on an isolated event, documented and repeated incidences of abuse that multiple parties can attest to provides us with stronger and more defensible justification to take action against a buyer. Due to privacy regulations, we cannot provide you with direct feedback about actions taken against any other PayPal accountholders, inclusive of abusive buyers you may have interacted with in the past, but your input and participation is highly valued.

Providing objective evidence about dishonest practices that buyers use, particularly evidence that can be corroborated helps us improve the quality of our buyers and promotes greater trust and safety when transacting with us.