What is PayPal's policy regarding the sale of real property?

You can’t use PayPal to buy or sell real property, including buildings, land, or anything affixed to the land.

Besides the direct sale of real property, we also don’t allow transactions that involve:

  • Raffles or lotteries offering the opportunity to purchase or the chance to win a specific house.
  • Real estate auctions that allow prospective buyers to sort through property listings and place bids on the property they want. There are many variations on what it takes to win. Typically, though, the winner is the highest bidder or the person whose bid is closest to the actual value of the house.
  • Reverse auctions offering properties for sale not to the highest bidder, but to the person who has the lowest unique bid. In a reverse auction you usually have to pay an administration or bidder’s fee before you can make a bid.
  • Tax lien certificate auctions in which prospective buyers place bids on tax lien certificates. These are certificates that represent a claim, or partial claim, on a property for the sum of unpaid taxes. The winning bidder becomes the property’s new lien holder.
  • Timeshare transactions -- offers to buy, sell, or rent rights to the periodic se of a property. A timeshare is real estate that is jointly owned by people who share the right to use the property and take turns using it.