How do I void a UPS label I created with PayPal Shipping?

If you create a UPS shipping label but don't want it, you can void it. You have up to 24 hours after you create a UPS shipping label to void it.

Here's how to void a pending UPS shipping label:

  1. On the Summary or Activity page, find the transaction for which you created the label.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Void Label.
  3. Click Void Shipment.
Here’s how to void one or more labels printed from PayPal Multi-Order Shipping:
  • Click Multi-Order Shipping under "Selling Tool" on the left side of the page.
  • Click History near the top of the "Multi-Order Shipping" page.
  • Select the date range next to search.
  • Select the transaction of the label you want to void.
  • Click Void.

The estimated time you can expect to receive a credit (including postage and insurance costs) on your PayPal account after you void a USPS shipping label:

  • 15 calendar days on shipping labels for Priority Mail, Express Mail, First-Class Mail Parcel, Express Mail International, and Priority Mail International.
  • 21 calendar days on shipping labels for Media Mail and Parcel Select.