How do I add a bank account to my PayPal account?

I want to add my bank account
Why can't I add my bank account?

Here’s how to add a bank account:
  1. Click Wallet at the top of the page.
  2. Click + Link a card or bank.
  3. Click Link a bank account.
  4. If you don't see your bank listed, then click I have a different bank at the bottom right.
  5. Select Chequing or Savings.
  6. Enter the bank's routing number and your account number, then click Agree and Link.
  7. Verify that your routing and account number are correct and click Continue.
If you enter the numbers manually or you don't see an option for instant bank confirmation, we’ll confirm your bank account by sending 2 small deposits (less than $1.00 CAD) to the bank account you want to confirm.

After 2 to 3 business days, review your bank statement or contact your bank to find out the exact amounts of these deposits. With this information, you can complete the confirmation process online.

Unable to add your bank account?
  • Not all banks are accepted at PayPal, you may be using a bank that is not compatible with PayPal such as an online only or prepaid bank account. Try adding a different bank account to your account.
  • The name on your bank account needs to match the name on your PayPal account, make sure you enter the correct information.
  • You may need to complete a security check first.