Should I report my problem in the eBay or PayPal Resolution Center?

If you paid for your eBay item with PayPal, you can report your problem on either eBay or PayPal. If you didn’t pay with PayPal, you should report your problem on eBay.

The current PayPal policy allows you to file a claim with PayPal after filing with eBay.  If you file a claim with PayPal while an eBay claim is open you’re  eBay claim will be closed and we’ll then proceed with your new PayPal claim instead.  

You can also file with PayPal after the conclusion of an eBay claim (as long as you are within our 180-day filing timeframe) if you are unhappy with the outcome of your eBay claim.  The only time you cannot file with PayPal is if you received a refund from your eBay claim.

For more information on eBay transactions, please visit eBay’s customer support page. Please visit the Resolution Center for any PayPal-related transaction problems.