What is PayPal's policy for merchants who use PayPal as money transmitters or to issue stored value cards?

PayPal defines a money transmitter as any business that accepts and transmits currency or funds, or the value of the currency or funds, by any means.

PayPal defines stored value cards as funds or monetary value represented in a digital electronic format. They can be stored on electronic media, and retrieved and transferred electronically. PayPal prohibits reselling pre-paid debit or other stored value cards unless they are associated with a single vendor.

Merchants must seek prior approval if they intend to use PayPal as a money transmitter or for first-party issuance and sale of pre-paid debit and stored value cards associated with a single vendor.

To be approved, merchants must provide proof of license or registration with the applicable country-specific regulatory bodies and their anti-money laundering policies and procedures. Merchants can inquire about approval in accordance with this policy by sending contact information, business URL, and a brief business summary to compliance@paypal.com