How can I use PayPal to manage multiple currencies?

You have the option of holding multiple currencies in one account. You can:

  • Open a balance in any of our supported currencies.
  • Make or accept payments in multiple currencies.
  • Convert your balance from one currency to another.
  • Close out your balance in any currency.

You can designate a primary currency – that’s the one you use most often for sending and requesting payments. It’s also the currency that defines your sending and withdrawal limits.

When you buy something that’s for sale in a currency you hold, we’ll take money from that currency balance first. If there’s not enough money in that currency, we’ll use your primary currency balance and apply our exchange rate.

To see all the currencies we support, click PayPal balance below your Profile photo and click Manage Currencies. Click the "Select new currency" drop-down menu to view all the currencies we support.