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Why did my button code change when I pasted it into my website and applied changes?

Your code changed when I pasted it into your website and revised it.

Code can change when it's added to a site like, as it inserts custom tags after changes are saved.

Here's how to fix this:
  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click Tools > PayPal buttons.
  3. Click View your saved buttons.
  4. Select button in question then choose to modify.
  5. Make necessary button code changes.
  6. Within your WordPress admin panel, select the page which you want the button to appear, then click the HTML tab.
  7. Copy and paste the new code into your site and apply changes.

Note: If you continue to experience issues with WordPress breaking your PayPal button code, see there website for steps on adding HTML to your WordPress site or contact WordPress Support for further assistance.
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