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Removing Cascading Style Sheets from Payflow Link

For your increased security and to better serve our merchants, we are streamlining Payflow Links general display options. Effective March 31, 2010, we will no longer offer Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for the Payflow Link hosted pages. Instead, we will provide you with alternative tools in PayPal Manager, which will still allow you to customize your page color, background, and logo.

Before disabling CSS, we encourage you to work with your web developer to create a test account to configure your website and modify the look/feel of your page. Contact your web developer for assistance.

Use the following steps to disable CSS within PayPal Manager:

  1. Log in to PayPal Manager (
  2. Under Service Settings, click Payflow Link Configuration.
  3. In the General Display Options area, click Provided Tools.
  4. A warning message displays, prompting that the Cascading Style Sheet URL will be removed. Consult with your web developer before clicking OK.
  5. You can now configure and change the page color, logo, and background, using the provided tools.
  6. Click Save Changes once you've completed the configuration changes.

After March 31, 2010, the CSS functionality will be removed from Payflow Link, and the CSS configuration page will no longer be accessible within PayPal Manager. Once the CSS functionality has been disabled, the Payflow Link hosted checkout pages will revert to your previous configuration settings as defined in PayPal Manager's Display Options, or will revert to Payflow Link's default settings.

For further assistance, please consult with your web developer or reference the "User's Guide for Payflow Link" from the Documentation link in PayPal Manager.

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