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What is the easiest way to calculate fees?

One of the easiest ways to calculate PayPal fees paid for the year is to input your fee deductions into Microsoft Excel by following these steps:

  1. Download your transaction history for the year and import it into Microsoft Excel. Make sure to download your history as "Comma" or "Tab Delimited"
  2. Change the column format to Accounting by:
    1. Highlighting the entire Excel column where your fees are listed (click the very top cell of the column where the column letter is located). The entire column should be highlighted.
    2. Right click with your mouse on the highlighted area and select Format Cells.
    3. Select Number and then Accounting in the category window and select 2 decimal points.
    4. Click OK.
    5. Click on the empty cell under the last amount in the Fee column and press the Auto Sum button on the Excel Formatting bar (located under the main menu bar). The Auto Sum feature looks like a sideways letter M and is located to the right of the Insert Hyperlink button.
    6. Verify the sum action for the current highlighted column by pressing the Enter key on your keyboard. You fees total will be calculated and entered into the cell you clicked on in Step 5.


Note: PayPal cannot help you with any issues regarding Microsoft Excel.


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