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What are the payment types when I send money?

The payment types for a purchase are:
  • Services: to pay for things like your internet service.
  • Goods: to pay for non-eBay goods.
  • eBay Items: to pay for your eBay purchases.
The payment types for a personal payment are:
  • Gift: to send money as a gift, like for a birthday.
  • Payment Owed: to pay your friend back for your share of a dinner bill, or other item that your friend paid for you.
  • Living Expense: to pay for things like rent or utilities.
  • Other: for other reasons that are not a purchase of good or services.

Note: Unfortunately, we’ve had to stop allowing personal payments to be sent to and from India. If you’re sending money for a personal payment to India, we ask that you find another way to pay until we’re able to restore personal payments to this area.

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