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What is the PayPal app integration with Siri and how does it work?

If you use iOS 10 and have a PayPal account, you will now be able to use Siri to send and request personal payments.

Simply activate Siri, tell it who you want to send money to, what amount you would like to send and in which currency. Siri will then either let you complete the transaction from Siri or pass the information to the PayPal app for you to complete the transaction.

Here are the steps:
  1. Open Siri.
  2. Tell Siri that you want to send money to your friend using PayPal. For example, say: 'PayPal $125 CAD to Jenny'. If you haven’t granted permissions for allowing PayPal to connect to Siri, you’ll be prompted to enable Siri on PayPal.
  3. If you have Touch ID enabled with the PayPal, Siri will prompt you to authenticate with TouchID. If you’re paying Friends and Family using a single currency and a single funding instrument (such as just your PayPal balance or only your bank), you’ll see a review screen within Siri to complete the payment.
  4. Otherwise, Siri will ask you to complete the payment using the PayPal app.
  5. You’ll need to log in to the PayPal app and review your transaction before submitting it.
Your payment will be processed just like when you submit it through the PayPal app.

If you are requesting money, the steps are similar. You can say 'Request $50 CAD with PayPal from Bill for dinner'.
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