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Why is my payment on hold or unavailable?

If a buyer pays you and the payment is on hold or not available right away, we’ll notify you via email or an alert on your Summary page.

This email or alert will be the best source of information on why your payment is on hold or unavailable, and what you may be able to do to help access it faster.

Why is the money in my pending balance rather than in my available balance?

Your payments may be placed on hold in your pending PayPal balance because:

  1. You’re a new seller with PayPal (whether on or off eBay) - It takes time to build history to demonstrate a pattern of positive buyer-seller transactions. By building a positive selling activity, your funds may become available immediately.
  2. You have a “Below Standard” seller rating on eBay - The percentage of refunds, disputes, and chargebacks compared to sales on your PayPal account seller performance. Having performance issues increases the likelihood of received funds being temporarily unavailable.
  3. The payment you received may be considered unusual for your selling pattern - You may be selling higher risk items such as tickets, gift cards, electronics, or travel packages. An unusual sales activity would also show a recent spike in sales, a change in average selling price, or a change in business model or type of item being sold. Also, if you had been selling on eBay but are now selling off eBay, this would be new activity.
  4. You were previously an inactive seller-You may not have sold something for a while and you have now begun selling again.
  5. You’ve been selling for a while but opened a new account-If you’re an established merchant, but opened a new account, that account will be eligible for holds until a good history is established.

To help ensure a successful transaction, we always encourage sellers to adhere to the following best practices:
  • List successfully by including clear photos with detailed, accurate descriptions of items
  • Be clear about shipping and handling time, costs, and methods. Ship promptly and upload tracking.
  • Define your return policy upfront
  • Communicate with your buyers and respond to inquiries quickly and in a professional manner.
How can I get access to my money faster?
Here are some tips that may help make your payment available sooner:
  • Provide tracking information (UPS, USPS, or FedEx) with delivery confirmation. Your payment should be available 3 days after we can confirm delivery.
  • If you don’t upload tracking, but mark the item as shipped on the Transaction Details page, your payment should be available 7 days for domestic or 14 days for international shipments, after the item is marked as shipped.
  • Buyers can also mark the item as received in the Transaction Details page, which will release the payment three days afterwards.
  • Mark the payment as processed if it was for a service, and your payment should be available in 7 days for domestic or 14 days for international payments.
  • If you fulfill the order, but don’t provide any shipping information, your payment should be available after 21 days, as long as your buyer doesn’t report any issues with the transaction.
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