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What are the IP addresses for Live PayPal servers?

When API calls are made to the NVP/SOAP and REST servers, PayPal strongly recommends that you use Domain Name Service (DNS) results with the default Time To Live (TTL) values, to determine the IP addresses of our servers.

PayPal does not recommend adding IPs to an allow list. If you must allow list the IP addresses for any of these domains, use the following ranges: 


The above IPs are applicable to the following Live and Sandbox endpoints:


API endpoints

  • api.paypal.com 
  • api-3t.paypal.com 
  • svcs.paypal.com 
  • Ipnpb.paypal.com

SFTP endpoints

  • accounts.paypal.com 
  • batch.paypal.com 
  • disputes.paypal.com
  • dropzone.paypal.com  
  • reports.paypal.com

Payflow endpoints

  • manager.paypal.com  
  • payflowlink.paypal.com  
  • payflowpro.paypal.com  
  • partnermanager.paypal.com
  • payments-reports.paypal.com/reportingengine  
  • paypalmanager.paypal.com
  • registration.paypal.com
  • xml-reg.paypal.com

Informative domain

  • notify.paypal.com


API endpoints

  • api.sandbox.paypal.com
  • api-3t.sandbox.paypal.com
  • svcs.sandbox.paypal.com
  • Ipnpb.sandbox.paypal.com

FTP endpoints

  • accounts.sandbox.paypal.com 
  • batch.sandbox.paypal.com 
  • disputes.sandbox.paypal.com 
  • dropzone.sandbox.paypal.com
  • reports.sandbox.paypal.com

Payflow endpoints

  • pilot-payflowpro.paypal.com
  • pilot-payflowlink.paypal.com
  • payments-reports.paypal.com/test-reportingengine

Informative domain

  • ipn.sandbox.paypal.com

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