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"PayPal gives us the ability to do something quite remarkable – combine millions of small transactions processed through the PayPal system to fund millions of dollars worth of small business loans to the working poor in the developing world."

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- Fiona Ramsey, Kiva

Family Giving Tree logo

"Within five weeks of using PayPal we raised $48,000 and our average donation size increased from $70 to $101."

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- Jennifer Cullenbine, The Family Giving Tree

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"PayPal allows us to accept online gifts in an easy, simple way from our donors. Ebay Giving Works has been a great source of additional revenue for our local chapter."

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- Pilar L. Furlong, The American Red Cross, Silicon Valley Chapter

Soldiers Angels

"PayPal was our initial way of raising funds, it’s our most requested, and it’s the one we like the best."

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-Patti Patton-Bader, Soldiers’ Angels

Childs Play

“Online fundraising is a very important component of our income, and all of our online fundraising comes from donations through PayPal and eBay Giving Works donations.”

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- Kristin Lindsay, Child’s Play


“PayPal has helped us increase online giving. Our donors trust PayPal, and it's a convenient way for them to donate.”

Andie Anderson-Wood, Foundation for Sustainable Development

Best Friends

“The MySpace widget is a great way for people to do a little thing that helps a lot. Our supporters use their friend’s list to spread the word.”

- Jon Dunn, Best Friends Animal Society

Network for Good

"Our relationship with PayPal is about more than payments. PayPal is a trusted partner, delivering solutions that enable us to grow the donor base and donation volume of the nonprofits we work with."

- Jono Smith, Network for Good

Much Love Animal Rescue

"Thanks to PayPal’s global presence, we’ve received donations from supporters around the world. PayPal has enabled our local charity to have a global reach."

- Leon Wagner, Much Love Animal Rescue