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Enterprise E-Commerce Integration

Payment Processing Applications and Web Servers

Many leading business system providers integrate PayPal's Payflow Gateway services into their enterprise-level applications. To add secure, reliable payment processing from PayPal, check the following list of integration modules or ask your software developer.

VendorApplication/ProductOperating System
Adobe® (formerly Macromedia)ColdFusion® 4.5
ColdFusion 5.X
ColdFusion MX 6.X
ColdFusion MX 7.X
Windows® NT, 2000, 2003
BEA®BEA WebLogic Commerce Server® 3.5Windows NT, 2000 Solaris®
Commerce Server® 2000, 2002
Great Plains® Retail Management System Small Business Accounting®
Windows NT, 2000, 2003
Oracle®iPayment 11.XWindows NT, 2000AIX® 5.2
Oracle (formerly JD Edwards)EnterpriseOne Financial Management
EnterpriseOne Supply Management
OneWorld XE
EnterpriseOne 8.0
EnterpriseOne 8.9
EnterpriseOne 8.10
EnterpriseOne 8.11
Sage Software®(formerly Best Software)Sage MAS 200/500Windows 2000, 2003
SAP®R/3®Windows 2000, 2003

In providing this list of enterprise applications with integrated Payflow payment gateway services, PayPal does not in any way endorse or make any representations regarding any of these vendors or their products, nor do we guarantee that all functionality for our services is integrated into the listed applications. We recommend that you contact the application vendor directly with all questions and issues regarding application compatibility with our gateway services. Submit any other comments or questions to PayPal at payflowintegrator@paypal.com

SAP Solution

Although SAP provides basic card processing, it doesn't support advanced authorization and settlement functions or built-in connection to payment processors. PayPal and Paymetric offer a joint solution using Paymetric's XiPay that lets you:

  • Integrate online payment processing into your SAP enterprise.
  • Easily connect to multiple processing networks.
  • Do real-time authorization and settlement.
  • Accept, process, and manage multiple payment types from a single, unified platform.

For more information, contact us at payflowintegrator@paypal.com

Microsoft Solution

PayPal and Nodus Technologies offer a joint, enterprise-level solution to manage transaction details and securely communicate vital information between your internet or retail store and Microsoft Great Plains and Retail Management Systems. It uses the advanced functionality of Nodus Credit Card Advantage and eStore Advantage, Microsoft eConnect, and Payflow Pro.

The solution allows you to:

  • Process payments within your ERP, internet store, or business application.
  • Seamlessly integrate your existing internet or retail store with vital back-office applications.
  • Process transactions directly on your site or other proprietary systems.
  • Transfer data directly to Microsoft Great Plains and Microsoft Retail Management System with no additional processing.

For more information, contact us at payflowintegrator@paypal.com