Fraud Protection Services: Pricing


U.S. and Canada Pricing

Fraud protection services must be purchased with Payflow Pro or Payflow Link. The prices listed are in addition to the payment services prices. Contact us at 1-888-847-2747 for details.

Fraud Protection ServicesSet-up PriceMonthly PriceTransaction Price
Basic Package$29.95 CAD$19.95 CAD$0.05 CAD per transaction
Advanced Package$89.95 CAD$49.95 CAD$0.10 CAD per transaction
Account Monitoring*$29.95 CAD$19.95 CADNone
Buyer Authentication*$150.00 CAD$9.95 CAD$0.10 CAD per transaction

*To use this service, you must first purchase a Fraud Protection Services package.


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