Fraud Protection Services: Advanced


Higher security for high volumes and high risks.

Advanced Fraud Protection Service is essential for businesses processing medium-to-high transaction volumes, handling international customers, or selling high-risk merchandise through a Payflow payment gateway.

It is a flexible security solution that easily optimizes to deal with various levels of business risk.

Advanced Fraud Protection Service helps your business:

  • Maximize liability protection. Meet credit card company standards for address verification and card security codes.
  • Reduce chargeback costs. Get easy-to-use authentication tools and audit trails for quick dispute resolution.
  • Avoid losses. Special tools flag unusual orders, questionable addresses, high-risk payments, and international customers.
  • Lower costs. Spend less money on fraud management by automating order reviews and tailoring the system to suit your needs.

Advanced Fraud Protection Service works by using:

  • Enhanced filters. Supplement the basic filters with ones specially suited for your high-risk needs — all of which can be easily set up and customized to fit your business.
  • Online reports. Easily accept or reject online orders with the added security benefit of audit reports.
  • Watch lists. Create custom lists based on products or other criteria.
  • Trusted transaction lists. Establish lists that accept or deny transactions based on bad emails or credit cards.
  • Full testing. You can test your system before going live to determine its effect on your business and customers.

With Fraud Protection Services as a part of your Payflow Gateway, you can get even more security with these options:

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