fīv \ ’tü \ ’nī-n’r [noun]

Definition: someone who has a side business outside their 9-to-5 profession "I have a 9-to-5 office job, so I have to work on my furniture restoration business after I get home. I guess you could call me a 5-to-9er."

Tips for self-starters

You’ve got something great, and you’re ready to sell it to the world. Maybe you’ve already started! Whether you’re a 5-to-9er or a growing business, we’ve gathered insights from other entrepreneurs to help you on the journey.

Learn how PayPal provided 5-to-9er Jamaal and full-time business owner Alethea with the right tools to grow their passion.

See how Jamaal’s Instagram fame opened up sales opportunities for the photos he takes in his spare time.

Watch how Alethea turned her appetite for digital marketing into a self-owned, full-time business.

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