Think Outside the Button: Surprising Payment Services from PayPal

Apr 15 2024 | PayPal Editorial Staff

Today’s most innovative companies are shifting paradigms and reshaping entire industries. They know PayPal is more than a button – we’re a partner that can help you thrive.

Want your Business to Thrive? Demand More from your Payment Services.

Take a look at today’s most innovative companies: The Grubhubs. The Fandangos. The Snapfishes. The Spotifys. Organizations that are shifting paradigms and reshaping entire industries. They all share one thing in common: They don’t see PayPal as just a button. They work with PayPal to help grow, compete and thrive.

PayPal is a Button Swiss Army Knife.

In many ways, PayPal is the Swiss Army Knife of payment processing, with dozens of powerful tools hidden beneath the surface. No. We don’t offer a corkscrew and a toothpick. But we have solutions to help large enterprises drive revenue, manage risk, accelerate growth, and more. 
It’s not just retailers and tech companies that are taking advantage of our suite of offerings. Many traditional organizations, across a wide range of industries — including healthcare, financial services, education, and government — are using our tools to modernize and orchestrate their payments.

PayPal is a Button Revenue Driver.

Payment processing was once seen as “plumbing” or a “cost of doing business.” But CEOs and CFOs of enterprise companies are now realizing that a comprehensive payment platform can help drive revenue growth. Here are five ways you can help increase revenue with PayPal.
  • Access more customers and markets. PayPal has over 280 million active accounts and has processed over a trillion transactions around the world 1. You can boost revenue by tapping into these customers. 
  • Help boost conversion rates. PayPal can help you reduce cart abandonment rates by up to 33%2 by delivering fast, seamless, mobile-first commerce experiences that eliminates the need for buyers to re-enter login, shipping and payment information.
  • Gain more subscribers and repeat customers. PayPal makes it easy to accept recurring payments for your products or services, so you can replace one-time purchases with a more consistent revenue stream. We can also help you implement a loyalty program that rewards customers at the point of sale.
  • Sell third-party services. PayPal’s vault and payment forwarding API lets you sell ancillary services from third parties (e.g. product and travel insurance) without leaving your site or apps.
Revenue Success Story: Animoto, the #1 online video creation service, saw a significant increase in subscription renewals after they turned to Braintree, a PayPal service, as their main payment gateway.  Read Animoto Story

PayPal is a Button Force Field.

PayPal understands that cybersecurity isn’t about bits and bytes, it’s about people. We want your customers to feel safe, so protecting their personal information is our top priority. That’s why we developed a powerful set of tools to help prevent fraud and reduce risk, including:
  • The Highest Level of PCI Compliance.  PayPal is a validated Level 1 PCI DSS compliant service provider, the highest level of protection from cybercriminals. We continually upgrade our security standards, so we’re ready when new threats emerge.
  • Advanced Fraud Tools. PayPal doesn’t just stop at address verification and CVV, we harness decades of intelligence and offer the best-in-class5 machine learning of our Simility Fraud Protection product to help reduce fraud along the entire customer journey may be available on certain transactions.6
  • Help Reduced Chargebacks. Imagine if you didn’t have to devote as many people to managing chargebacks and disputes. With 3D Secure, you can shift the liability for certain fraudulent chargebacks from the merchant to the issuer. Limits apply7
Security Success Story: When Krispy Kreme expanded into Australia, they turned to Braintree, a PayPal service, to streamline their payments processing and reduce fraud. Our comprehensive security solutions are helping to mitigate risk for their in-house teams. Read Krispy Kreme Story

PayPal is a Button Growth Engine.

What if you could grow your company without experiencing the typical growing pains? PayPal has years of experience making it easy for enterprise companies to expand into new markets and help increase their market penetration. 
  • Expand Your Global Footprint. PayPal is your passport to global markets. We can help you access 45+ countries/regions with a single integration. Our market specialists will help you optimize acceptance rates, reduce friction and overcome local compliance and regulatory issues.
  • Reach Every Generation. Who says you can’t please all the people all the time? PayPal offers all the payment options customers want credit and debit, PayPal, and mobile wallets like PayPal Wallet and Apple Pay, all in one integration. 
  • Integrate with Your Existing Software. With PayPal you won’t need to rebuild your payment-related workflows from the ground up. You can import and export PayPal data to the accounting and analytics tools you know and love. 
  • Help reduce Organizational Stress. As you grow and expand, PayPal can help you minimize your back-office burden with developer-friendly SDKs and APIs, robust reporting, automated dispute resolution and more. Simply put, PayPal is easy on your devs and good for business.
Growth Success Story: It used to take Snapfish’s Commerce Services team nearly 6 months to set up payment processing in new countries and regions. Today, thanks to Braintree and PayPal, they can accept payments almost immediately with a single integration. Read Snapfish Story

This article is over, but we’ve only started exploring ways to think outside the button. PayPal can also help you make payments, streamline operations, manage data, transform digitally and more. We’re not just a regular Swiss Army Knife, we’re an enterprise-sized Swiss Army Knife — with all the tools you need to succeed.


The content of this article is provided for informational purposes only. You should always obtain independent business, tax, financial, and legal advice before making any business decision.


2. Source: comScore online survey, Q1 2018, n=4,200 U.S. adult mobile shoppers.
3. Study commissioned by PayPal and conducted by comScore Research. comScore survey administered in Q3 2017 to over 2,100 U.S. adults who have made online purchases.
4. Data based on the business’s own internal analysis. Results may not be typical and may vary substantially by business.
5. Aite Group, based on 14 fraud and AML machine learning platform vendors, March 2019
6. Transactions mentioned are limited to “advanced card payments” (unbranded processing) and branded PayPal payments but not guest transactions.
7. 3D Secure does not shift liability for all fraudulent chargebacks. You can determine whether or not liability shift occurred by the 3D Secure status code returned for the authentication.
8. Source: PaymentSource: 6 Ways Millennials are Changing Payments:

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