Today, technology is ushering in a period of tremendous transformation in the way people manage and move their money, and even in the idea of what constitutes currency itself. PayPal stands at the center of this change, and we believe we have the unique opportunity to give people around the world greater control over their economic destiny.

We believe that full financial participation means more than just having a savings account and a way to pay for things. It means having access to affordable credit when needed, being able to process payments and run a business, send money to family or transact business across borders, contribute to communities and support others in need, and invest for the future. We’re committed to building financial products and services that enable everyone to connect and participate – and that create more opportunity for billions of people around the world.

The Impact of PayPal Working Capital

The infographic below captures the impact of the program over its first 18 months and some of the business owners who’ve benefited.

Enabling Merchants

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are critical to building and maintaining a vibrant economy, yet they still face significant barriers to success. That’s why we’re expanding innovations such as PayPal Working Capital, a program we piloted in the US for SMB customers with strong PayPal sales histories. The initiative allows small business owners to get funding in minutes, without a credit check, and repay it using a percentage of their PayPal sales, with one affordable fixed fee. In 2014, we scaled the program to Australia and the UK, and since its launch, thousands of businesses have successfully borrowed over $1 billion. See the infographic above for more information on the program’s impact to date and meet some of the business owners who’ve benefited.

Empowering Individuals

According to the World Bank, 2 billion adults around the world don’t have a bank account. And this complete lack of access represents only part of the challenge; even more people remain underserved by their current financial institutions. At PayPal, we believe we need a more inclusive system – one in which everyone can access and manage their money more easily, affordably and securely. And one that levels the playing field and unleashes the potential of people. We’re working with our colleagues across the company and our external stakeholders around the world to identify and pursue new ways we can help individuals improve their financial health, as well as set goals for the social impact we hope to generate as a result. Follow this section and our blog as we get started and move forward.