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Why verify

Why verify

To protect you from fraudulent transactions, PayPal sets an initial limit on how much you can send and withdraw.You can choose to become Verified to remove these restrictions.

Verification also helps to build confidence between buyers and sellers.

Verify with credit card

PayPal accepts credit cards bearing a Visa, MasterCard or American Express logo, and supports international currencies for verification.

You’ll need to enter a 4-digit code from your credit card statement onto the PayPal website. We’ll create your unique code by charging your credit card $1.95 USD, which will be refunded within 24 hours after you verify your card.

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Verify with credit card
Verify with local bank account

Verify with local bank account

Currently PayPal supports three banks for verification:

  • China Merchants Bank
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
  • China Construction Bank

We'll make two small deposits between 0.01 RMB to 0.99 RMB to your bank account. You’ll need to enter the amounts of the two deposits on the PayPal website. These amounts are yours to keep.

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