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Deliver your best.

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Overseas warehousing

Looking for an all-in-one logistics solution? Overseas warehousing services from PayPal’s partners will manage all of your shipping needs, allowing you to concentrate on creating orders. Deposit your goods at our partners’ warehouses and they’ll take care of all the rest.

This solution includes:

  • Purchase management
  • Storage and inventory
  • Order management
  • Logistics, shipping and delivery

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Small air parcel

If you ship small items, PayPal’s partners can offer you a low cost, hassle-free solution.  Small air parcel is the cheapest option for shipping overseas, making it the preferred service for many international buyers and sellers.

  • Top choice for sellers exporting small parcels overseas
  • Parcels arrive within a few weeks
  • Insurance and registration available

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International express delivery

International express delivery

Get your goods to customers faster and more securely than ever with our partners’ express delivery solutions.

  • Satisfy customers with fast delivery and superior handling
  • Customize your solution to suit your exact needs and requirements
  • Trace delivery progress with item tracking

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