Online Invoicing

Get your invoices paid fast

Get your invoices paid fast.

Create and email your invoice in just minutes, complete with a Pay Now button for customers to click and pay.

  • Accept PayPal and credit cards payments
  • It's free to send an invoice

Create professional looking invoices

Start with our templates and customize your invoices with your company brand - add your logo, item details and any additional discount, shipping or tax information. It takes just minutes to create an invoice, and you can save it to speed things up the next time.

Let your buyers pay on the phone

Use your smartphone, tablet or computer to email your invoices to your customers. Any customer paying your bill on their smartphones will see an easy-to-use, mobile-optimized version of our payment pages.

Make it easier for your customers

Most buyers will settle up sooner if they can just click to pay you. They can choose to pay using their credit card or PayPal balance in over 20 currencies.

Keep track of every sale

Manage all your invoices in one place. With PayPal, you can record cash payments, send reminders easily and even reconcile your invoices. Our customer service representatives are here to help resolve any issues and make sure everything runs like clockwork.

With PayPal, there are far fewer risks in our online ticket bookings and payment transactions. PayPal helps increase our sales enormously.

—Xu Feng, ChinaTour.Net

Invoicing is just the start.

Want to start selling on your website? When you sign up for online invoicing, you also get our complete lineup of payment tools at no extra cost. Compare solutions.

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