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Wire transfer fees for banks in China
Wire transfers are sent in USD and transfer fees are deducted in USD. PayPal automatically converts the money to USD before sending the wire transfer.

Bank LocationCurrencyWithdrawal FeeBank ChargesReturn FeeMinimum Withdrawal Amounts
CNY**1.2% of the withdrawal amountVaries by bank*None$150.00 USD
ChinaUSD$35.00 USDVaries by bank*$15.00 USD$150.00 USD
CAD$35.00 USDVaries by bank*$15.00 USD$225.00 CAD
JPY$35.00 USDVaries by bank*$15.00 USD¥17,500 JPY
GBP$35.00 USDVaries by bank*$15.00 USD£90.00 GBP
EUR$35.00 USDVaries by bank*$15.00 USD€150.00 EUR
AUD$35.00 USDVaries by bank*$15.00 USD$225.00 AUD
NZD$35.00 USDVaries by bank*$15.00 USD$235.00 NZD
HKD$35.00 USDVaries by bank*$15.00 USD$1,200.00 HKD
SGD$35.00 USDVaries by bank*$15.00 USD$250.00 SGD
CHF$35.00 USDVaries by bank*$15.00 USD200.00 CHF
SEK$35.00 USDVaries by bank*$15.00 USD1,200.00 SEK
NOK$35.00 USDVaries by bank*$15.00 USD870.00 NOK
DKK$35.00 USDVaries by bank*$15.00 USD1,000.00 DKK
PLN$35.00 USDVaries by bank*$15.00 USD500.00 PLN
HUF$35.00 USDVaries by bank*$15.00 USD32,000 HUF
CZK$35.00 USDVaries by bank*$15.00 USD3,500.00 CZK
ILS$35.00 USDVaries by bank*$15.00 USD₪600.00 ILS
MXN$35.00 USDVaries by bank*$15.00 USD$1,650.00 MXN
TWD$35.00 USDVaries by bank*$15.00 USDNT$5,000 TWD
THB$35.00 USDVaries by bank*$15.00 USD฿5,500.00 THB
PHP$35.00 USDVaries by bank*$15.00 USDP7,500.00 PHP
RUB$35.00 USDVaries by bank*$15.00 USD4,650.00 RUB

* Your bank may charge additional fees for wire transfers.

** Your ability to withdraw to your local bank account may require the opening of a payment account with a PayPal partner. You may also be required to convert your balance to USD in your PayPal account prior to using the withdrawal service offered by that partner, and currency conversion fees may apply. Please see the terms and conditions with the PayPal partner for additional information relating to that service.

Withdrawal fees for banks in Hong Kong or the U.S.
Fees are deducted from your withdrawal amount.

Bank LocationCurrencyWithdrawal FeeReturn Fee
Hong KongHKDFree
If $1,000.00 HKD or more is withdrawn
$3.50 HKD
If less than $1,000.00 HKD is withdrawn
$20.00 HKD
United StatesUSDFreeNone

Check withdrawal fees
Checks are issued in USD. Before issuing the check, PayPal automatically converts the money to USD. Fees are deducted from your withdrawal amount.

Bank LocationCurrencyWithdrawal FeeReturn FeeMinimum Withdrawal Amount
ChinaAUD$8.00 AUD$20.00 AUD$225.00 AUD
CAD$8.00 CAD$20.00 CAD$225.00 CAD
CHF7.00 CHF20.00 CHF200.00 CHF
CZK120.00 CZK360.00 CZK3,500.00 CZK
DKK30.00 DKK100.00 DKK1,000.00 DKK
EUR€5.00 EUR€13.00 EUR€150.00 EUR
GBP£3.50 GBP£8.00 GBP£90.00 GBP
HKD$40.00 HKD$110.00 HKD$1,200.00 HKD
HUF1,000 HUF3,200 HUF32,000 HUF
ILS₪20.00 ILS₪60.00 ILS₪600.00 ILS
JPY¥650 JPY¥1,600 JPY¥17,500 JPY
MXN$55.00 MXN$165.00 MXN$1,650.00 MXN
NOK35.00 NOK100.00 NOK870.00 NOK
NZD$8.00 NZD$23.00 NZD$235.00 NZD
PHPP250.00 PHPP750.00 PHPP7,500.00 PHP
PLN16.00 PLN50.00 PLN500.00 PLN
SEK40.00 SEK120.00 SEK1,200.00 SEK
SGD$8.00 SGD$25.00 SGD$250.00 SGD
THB฿180.00 THB฿540.00 THB฿5,500.00 THB
USD$5.00 USD$15.00 USD$150.00 USD
RUB0.00 RUB520.00 RUB4,650.00 RUB
Please make sure that the bank account and delivery information on the wire transfer is complete and correct. Otherwise, the amount will be returned to your PayPal account (deducting any bank charges) and a return fee will be charged.