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Policy Updates

Notice of Amendment to PayPal Legal Agreements

Issued: 29 January 2021


Please read this document.

We’re making changes to the legal agreements that govern your relationship with PayPal.

We encourage you to carefully review the notices below so that you are familiar with these upcoming changes.

There is no further action needed from you as these changes will take place automatically on the Effective Date shown below. In the event you would prefer to decline these changes, you will need to close your PayPal account prior to the Effective Date.


Effective Date: 26 February 2021

(Residents of Mainland China will have an effective date of 29 March 2021. Residents of Malaysia will have an effective date of 5 March 2021.)

Updates to the PayPal User Agreement for Asia Pacific, certain European and Latin American countries, Middle East and Africa

We’re making the following changes to our terms:

  • We are revising the listed exclusions to PayPal’s Buyer Protection and Seller Protection to be globally consistent and to clarify which transactions are eligible for protection.
  • We are revising PayPal’s Seller Protection so it does not apply where a merchant ships a physical item or fulfills a purchase order more than two days after being notified by PayPal that the transaction is being disputed, reversed, or is otherwise unauthorized.
  • We are clarifying our PayPal Payouts and Mass Pay services terms, including that they may only be used to make multiple or bulk payments, not individual or other ineligible payments, and that merchants are responsible for obtaining the applicable consents from their payout recipients.
  • We are clarifying the terms that govern communications between you and PayPal.
  • We are clarifying PayPal’s data protection roles and responsibilities in connection with the processing of personal data using the PayPal services.

Amendments to the Fees

  • The Dispute fee and applicable terms and conditions will now apply to residents of Malaysia who hold a PayPal account and use the PayPal services.


To review the updated User Agreement, please click Here.