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How do I enter and process transactions in Virtual Terminal?

To process a transaction in Virtual Terminal, go to the Main Virtual Terminal page and complete the following steps:
  1. Provide payment information:
  • Currency – Select the currency type of the transaction from the drop-down menu.
  • Subtotal – Enter the payment amount without shipping charges and taxes.
Note: If you wish, enter amounts for these optional items (which are automatically set to zero):
  • Tax Amount – Enter the sales tax rate for the transaction. The tax amount is calculated as a percentage.
  • Shipping – Enter the shipping or postage charges.
  • Tax on Shipping – You can calculate this as a percentage, or enter it directly.
Note: The following field can't be edited and is shown only when Virtual Terminal is accessed on smaller screens, where the review section isn't visible:
  • Total – The total amount that the customer will pay for the transaction. It's calculated automatically based on the numbers you entered in the preceding fields.

Horizozntal VT main page
Note: The following optional information doesn't appear on your credit card statement:
  • Description – Provides details about the transaction for future reference. You can use this information later to search for the transaction.
  • Invoice ID – A unique, alpha, numeric, or alphanumeric value to prevent accidental payments (by blocking duplicate invoice IDs)
  • PO Number – A purchase order number associated with the transaction

Payment information, vertical layout
  1. Provide the transaction information:
  • Transaction Type – Select a transaction type from the drop-down menu: Sale, Credit (if applicable), or Authorization.
    • Sale – Instantly charges the specified amount against the account and marks the transaction for immediate funds transfer (capture) during the next settlement period. Choose Sale to process transactions in a single step.
    • Credit (non-referenced credits) – Returns a specific amount to a transaction or credit card that wasn't originally processed through your PayPal Virtual Terminal account. To credit a transaction that was processed using your PayPal Virtual Terminal account, see How do I process a refund in Virtual Terminal? (Your account may or may not support credit transactions. Contact Merchant Technical Support for more information.)
    • Authorization – Check for your cardholder's funds or credit availability (in other words, the cardholder's line of credit) and hold the amount. This is the first part of a two-step process used mostly by merchants who need greater flexibility when processing payments.
The first step, authorization, checks that the credit card has enough funds and reserves the requested amount. If enough funds are available, the second step of the process manually captures the funds.

You can capture a transaction amount that differs slightly from the amount originally authorized. This enables you to adjust the transaction amount to reflect changes (such as taxes, shipping, or item availability) that occurred after the initial transaction was processed.

Each authorization performed has an honor period during which transaction approval is guaranteed. If you capture an authorization after the honor period, authorization may not be approved if available funds on the card have changed.
  • Card number – Enter the card number without spaces or dashes. Virtual Terminal automatically recognizes the card type based on the number entered and displays the logo associated with the card type.
  • Expiration date – Enter the card expiration date in the following format: MM/YY. 
  • CSC – Enter the credit card's three- or four-digit security code to confirm that the customer is in possession of the card. This field visually indicates where to find the CSC on each type of credit card.
Transaction information
  1. Provide the billing address.
Note: This is the address where the customer receives credit card statements. For eligible accounts, providing the cardholder's billing address as part of transaction processing is optional.
  • First name – Enter the customer's first name.
  • Last name – Enter the customer's last name.
  • Country – Select the customer's country of residence.
  • Billing address – Enter the street number and name.
  • City – Enter the city of the billing address.
  • State – Enter the state of the billing address.
  • ZIP – Enter the ZIP code of the billing address.
  • Phone – Enter the customer's phone number.
  • Email – Enter the customer's email address.
Note: You can use the email address entered here to send PayPal-branded email receipts to customers when their transactions have completed successfully, if this option is enabled.

Billing information
  1. Select one of these shipping options:
  • No shipping address required, if you're not shipping anything for this transaction. This is the default value.
  • Shipping address is the same as billing address, if the billing and shipping addresses are identical.
  • Enter a different shipping address, if the billing and shipping addresses aren't the same. This option displays the fields of the shipping address where you enter the shipping address information.
Note: The shipping options section doesn't appear when you process a credit transaction.
  1. Review the information shown in the Review section:
  • Total Amount – Split into net amount, shipping, and tax. Shown with currency.
  • Transaction Type – Sale, Credit, or Authorization
  • Card Information – The card type, the last four digits of the card number, the expiration date, and the CSC. (Virtual Terminal doesn't display the CSC value; it just reflects that it was entered.)
  • Billing Address and Shipping Address – The values as entered
Note: Review information is available only on the vertical layout. It's not needed in horizontal layout because the screen displays all information data.

Shipping information
  1. Click Process Transaction. PayPal processes your payment transaction immediately.
  2. (Optional) Click Reset if you need to clear all information from the Main Virtual Terminal page.
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