More about the PayPal Debit Card

Why should I use the PayPal Debit Card?

The PayPal Debit Card gives you instant access to the money you receive in your PayPal account, eliminating the step of having to transfer money from your PayPal account to your bank account.

What are the fees to use the PayPal Debit Card?

There is no fee to use your PayPal Debit Card to make purchases from merchants that accept MasterCard. There may be fees associated with cash withdrawal and foreign transactions. Please see our User Agreement.

How do I get cash back rewards for using the PayPal Debit Card?

To get rewards with the PayPal Debit Card, sign up for PayPal Preferred Rewards. Once you’re a Preferred Rewards member you’ll get cash back for every debit card purchase that does not require a PIN.

Do I need to have a PayPal balance to use the PayPal Debit Card?

When you pay using your PayPal Debit Card, any money in your PayPal balance is used first. You can select a backup payment method for your debit card to cover rest.

Am I protected if my debit card is lost or stolen?

There is 100% protection against unauthorized purchases made with your PayPal Debit Card.

What other benefits do I get when I use the PayPal Debit Card?

Your PayPal Debit Card purchases may be eligible under MasterCard’s MasterCard Premier Business Card program for a variety of protections, including rental car insurance, travel assistance, and protection against lost or damaged items. Please see the MasterCard Guide to Benefits for more details.

Is there a withdrawal or spending limit using the PayPal Debit Card?

The default spending limits for the PayPal Debit Card are:

Daily spending limit is $3,000.00 USD.

Daily ATM Limit: $400.00 USD.

How long does it take to get the PayPal Debit Card once my application is approved?

It usually takes 2–4 weeks to receive your PayPal Debit Card in the mail.