MoneyPak® and PayPal let you turn the cash in your wallet into money in your account, which you can then instantly spend online.

  • Pay with PayPal without using a bank account or credit card
  • Your PayPal account will be updated instantly
  • Shop anywhere PayPal is accepted, including eBay

Take your cash to one of over 40,000 retailers.

Find a store near you
Pick up a MoneyPak for $4.95 or less at the prepaid card section. Decide how much cash to add and pay for it at the register.
Log on to, go to Add Funds, and click MoneyPak.


What is a MoneyPak?

MoneyPak is a secure way to add cash to your PayPal account. Once you purchase the MoneyPak at a participating retailer and load cash onto it at the cashier, you can then add that money to your PayPal account without needing a bank account or credit card.

How much does a MoneyPak cost?

The retailer charges a service fee of $4.95 or less for the MoneyPak. Once you buy the MoneyPak, there are no additional costs to add the money to your PayPal account.

Why should I use a MoneyPak to add money to my PayPal account?

MoneyPak lets you enjoy the benefits of PayPal without needing a credit card or bank account. Your cash in your wallet can become spending power at thousands of online merchants, including eBay.

How do I use a MoneyPak to shop on eBay or anywhere PayPal is accepted?

Upon completion of the transfer of the money from the MoneyPak to your PayPal account, it appears in your PayPal balance instantly and is available to use the next time you check out using PayPal.

How much can I put on a MoneyPak?

You can add any amount from $20 to $500 onto a MoneyPak at most retailers. You can add up to $1,000 at Walmart.

How much money can I add to my PayPal account using the MoneyPak?

You can add up to $4,000 a month by providing your name, address, date of birth, and Social Security Number securely online. Green Dot will collect, verify, and record this information on behalf of PayPal, but this information will not be used for a credit check or marketing purposes.

Where can I buy a MoneyPak?

You'll find the MoneyPak in the prepaid card section or on the Green Dot display at thousands of stores nationwide, including major retailers like Walmart, CVS/pharmacy, Kmart, Rite Aid, 7-Eleven and Walgreens.

Is using a MoneyPak secure?

MoneyPak is a product of Green Dot Corporation and was designed with your privacy in mind.

What's the best way for me to protect the money on my MoneyPak?

Your MoneyPak Number works just like cash. Here are some helpful tips to help protect you from fraud:

- MoneyPak should ONLY be used to fund PayPal accounts that you control.

- Beware of any offers or payment requirements that do not accept credit cards and asks for you to purchase a MoneyPak and provide the MoneyPak Number in an email or over the phone directly vs. loading it to your own account and then paying.

- When using MoneyPak with PayPal for eBay or other online merchants, transfer the money to your PayPal account first before paying the merchant. DO NOT email the MoneyPak Number directly to the merchant.

*Use cash to buy a MoneyPak to fund your PayPal account. Available in the US only. Usage of this service is subject to identity verification and other controls. This service is being provided by a registered Money Services Business.