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Tools to Build Buyer Confidence

How do you increase the confidence buyers have in you?

Buyers look for sellers they can trust. Establish your reputation by using feedback systems, seller identity authentications and protection programmes. PayPal provides several tools to make a buyer feel more confident while purchasing online.


Becoming Verified helps establish you as a seller in the PayPal network. It is recognized by buyers and means you have successfully completed PayPal's Verification process and established your identity with us.

For more information, go to the Verification FAQ.

Qualify for PayPal Buyer Protection

eBay buyers who feel safe are more likely to make a purchase. That's why we offer PayPal Buyer Protection. This free programme protects eBay buyers for the full value of their purchase (shipping included) on eligible eBay listings. If your item qualifies, eBay will insert a message in your listing, explaining that the item is protected.

Note: PayPal Buyer Protection is not eligible for some items such as intangible goods, custom-made items, airline tickets and vehicles. Review the user agreement for specific terms and conditions.

Additional resources for sellers

To learn more about Selling Safely, go to:

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