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PayPal Seller Protection on eBay

PayPal's Seller Protection Policy covers you against potential losses due to buyer claims, chargebacks or reversals in case of unauthorized payment or item not received, so your eBay transactions are now even more protected. All you need to do is to follow the simple guidelines to make sure you're covered.

It's an extra safety net so you don’t take the fall if one of your buyers claims that the eBay payment has not been authorized or that the eBay item has not been delivered. PayPal will simply pay you the full amount of an eligible transaction.

Just make the steps below part of your eBay 'to do' list when you’re selling, so you know your transactions are covered. There is no annual payout limit for PayPal Seller Protection

Key rules of Seller Protection on eBay
First you need to make sure the item is marked as Eligible for Seller Protection by checking your Transaction Details. Log in to your PayPal account and go to to the tab History. Find the transaction and click the Details link next to the transaction.
Retain the online proof of delivery (items not received). The item sold must be a physical, tangible good that can be shipped.
Ship to the buyer's address provided on the Transaction Details page in the tab History.
For items with a value of 200 EUR or more, you need to provide proof of delivery with signature confirmation from the recipient, if the buyer claims that the item did not arrive.
Ship the item within seven days of receiving payment.
Only accept payments in full from a single PayPal account.
During a dispute process, please respond to all PayPal enquiries within the given deadlines (generally 7 days), as disputes need to be resolved within a specific time frame.

For full terms and conditions, see the Seller Protection Policy

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