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Safer Web Browsers Overview

What is a safer web browser?

PayPal supports anti-phishing technologies in the next-generation web browsers to help you avoid fraud.

Safer web browsers, unlike older browsers, make it easier to spot fake webpages that try to get you to enter personal information and steal your account.

Tips for safer web browsers

  • Update your browser. Make sure you have the latest version of your web browser. With most browsers, you can check the version by clicking the browser’s Help button and selecting About.
  • Check for anti-phishing features. Browsers like Microsoft IE7 have Anti-Phishing Filters, which you should turn on to avoid fake (spoof) websites.
  • Get answers. See the Safer Browser FAQ.
  • Know what the colors mean. The latest version of Internet Explorer includes many new security features. Learn more about Internet Explorer 7.

Extended Validation Secure Sockets Layer Certificates (EV SSL)

EV SSL Certificates show that a website has been approved and the data is encrypted.

PayPal has taken every step to make sure our site is compliant with EV SSL.

Additional resources

To learn more Online Safety Essentials, go to:

Download IE7
with new security features

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