Law Enforcement

As the world’s leading payment service, PayPal Holdings Inc’s global portfolio of businesses enables hundreds of millions of people to pay online. Paypal Holdings Inc. established the PayPal Global Asset Protection team to promote the safe use of its platforms, enhance the user experience and to collaborate with local, national and international police in apprehending and prosecuting criminals.

Law Enforcement Officers in Belgium seeking assistance and records for investigations relating to PayPal should contact the Paypal Global Asset Protection team for assistance.

Resources available to police officials only are:

PayPal data requests coming from Law Enforcement officers, Judges or Government agencies can be submitted using our Safety Hub - PayPal Law Enforcement Tool through the link:

This service is dedicated to Law Enforcement officers only and inquiries from customers will not be answered.

Important notes

  • In compliance with the Luxembourg Law of 5April 1993, PayPal queries from tax authorities and non- traditional Law Enforcement agencies must be processed through a compulsory undertaking pursuant upon our Luxembourg entities directly
  • Priority will be given only in particular circumstances and investigation types (ie. life threatening issues etc.) and only where the sense of urgency is appropriately specified