What do I do in case of a duplicate payment?

If a payment was charged twice, you'll need to contact the recipient and request a refund. The recipient can pay a refund by using the Refund link in the transaction details. This link is available for 180 days after the transaction was made.
If the payment status is Unclaimed, you can cancel the payment yourself.

A seller should follow these steps to issue a refund:

  1. Go to the Activity page.
  2. Click the relevant transaction.
  3. Click Refund.
  4. Enter the amount to be refunded and click Continue.
  5. Confirm the information and click Issue Refund.

If the Refund link is no longer available, the seller can still issue a refund using the tab Send and Request Money. In this case fees are applied. Any fees related to the original transaction will not be refunded.